Orange County Multimedia Association
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SATURDAY MARCH 7, 2015 8:30 - 3:30 Fullerton College, 321 E Chapman Ave, Fullerton CA

Several of our local Orange County Multimedia organizations are joining forces to strengthen freelance and small business creatives to be better armed to find work in today’s job market.

The full day workshop will consist of four highly successful and sought after presenters. They are extremely effective and well-known within their fields, as evidenced by companies calling them with opportunities, and they will share their techniques with you.

The day is designed for freelance and small business creatives who are video pros, editors, visual effects artists, graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, voice-over artists, cartoonists, animators and more.

Topics will include how to navigate the various social media platforms as well as how best to market yourself and your business, to take the “work” out of looking for work.

You can expect to come away with new tools, insights, and more efficient actions to take, that will have an impact on your success.


Larry Jordan, Internationally known Trainer and Consultant

Improve Your Job Hunting Skills”

Sally Cox, Adobe Community Professional and Software Trainer

Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn”

Sebastian Bleak, Training, Support, & Social Media for Astute Graphics

Automating Twitter to Inform and Entertain”

Anne Ganguzza, Founder / President - VO Peeps, Globally Known Assn. of Voice Performers

So Smart Social Media”

The hosting organizations are Orange County Multimedia Association (OCMMA) and all 4 of their Adobe User Groups, plus Media Communications Association International (MCAI).

Other supporting organizations are Professional Videographers Network (PVN), Media Alliance of Orange County (MAOC), and Voice Over Peeps (VO Peeps).

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Adobe User Groups

Creative Suite User Group

The Creative Suite User Group provides educational presentations organized around applications in the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. The Creative Suite User Group meets jointly with the General Meeting of OCMMA every third Tuesday of the month. Visit the Creative Suite User Group page.

Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group

The Digital Video/After Effects Abuser Group brings together presentations on video editing and special effects software. The DV/AE Abuser Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Visit the DV / After Effects Abuser Group page.

OC Interactive

OC Interactive deals with all aspects of design and production of interactivity and animation in applications delivered across the full spectrum of desktop, web and mobile device platforms. Topics include programming, user interface design, 2D and 3D animation, and professional business development. Visit the OC Interactive User Group page.

Web Video Crossroads

The Web Video Crossroads User Group addresses all aspects of video on the web and mobile devices. Web designers, web developers, and video/audio producers are welcome to discuss the latest developments in this fast-changing industry. The Web Video Crossroads User Group meets on the second Thursday of each month. Visit the Web Video Crossroads User Group page.