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Tuesday, August 26

Movie Goofs - Pirates of the Caribbean

After Effects CC 2014 new additions

Tips and Tricks


Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 August 2014 16:33
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CC 2014: What's New and Exciting for PS, ID, and AI

General Meeting/Creative Cloud User Group - Tuesday, August 19

At our next Creative Cloud/General Meeting, Cynthia Gordon and Virginia Houts will be discussing some of their favorite new features in the recently released Creative Cloud 2014. Using online videos and live demos, they will focus on a few new things in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. There’s too much to cover in just one meeting, so they picked their favorites!

And if you aren’t yet familiar with Adobe’s new “splash” pages for tutorial resources on, prepare to be “wow’d”.

Part 1: Photoshop

For Photoshop CC 2014, you’ll see a brief introduction to each of these new features:

-Scalable Color Panel
-Path and Spin Blur filters
-Color Adaptation settings for Content Aware patches
-Focus mask for selections in photographs
-How to create custom Color Lookup Tables, or Luts (which can be used in AE or any other video editing  program, in addition to PS)

Next, Cynthia will do a couple of quick demos showcasing:

-How to align and space objects as you draw
-How to create and generate web graphics with Adobe Generator

Part 2: InDesign and Illustrator

For InDesign, Virginia will guide us in a look at:
-New Fixed-Layout EPUB

-How to work with color groups

Finally, Virginia will demo how to use Live Rectangles and Live Shapes with Live Corners in Illustrator. That’s a lot of living, right there!

We’ll also spend some time discussing future meeting topics, with a focus on what types of presentations will be most useful to our members’ projects and workflows.


If you're unable to join us in person, please join us online through Adobe Connect:


The Connect Room will be open at 6 P.M.


Adobe Software Raffle


Twice a year, in November and June, we raffle off a 12-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud!One lucky winner will get to explore all the software and services available through Creative Cloud for a whole year! Click here for full Raffle Rules.

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